Boho-Bombshell Micro-Macramé Earring Kit

Forget wooden-eyed owls and burlap-textured plant-hangers… this ain’t yo’ mama’s macramé!

Amee Runs with Scissors makes Micro-Macramé fast, fun and fashionable. Books on macramé can be a confusing hash of diagrams and videos sometimes leave out the “secrets” that make the work easier. Join Amee and learn how simple it is to weave two basic knots into these swingy, lightweight earrings. Kit contains full-color instruction booklet, cord, brass rings, ear-wires, beads, head-pins and tassels. Makes one pair of earrings.

Macramé tools that you will need to complete this kit. you'll need a macramé board, T-pins, a Cord Zap or thread-burner (you can use a lighter to cauterize the ends of the cords but it's a bit trickier) and a Bead Awl or large darning needle and they're all sold here indvidually OR you can buy our handy Macramé Tool Kit.

You'll also need scissors, flush-cutters, flat-nose pliers and looping or rosary pliers.

Think you might want to make more earrings? Pick up some extra colors of cord and some brass rings!


Boho-Bombshell Micro-Macramé Earring Kit

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