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“From the Mending Pile”

One-of-Kind polymer clay heart pendants “From the Mending Pile” celebrate the human heart’s virtually limitless ability to heal itself.

Heartbreak comes in many forms – lost love, abuse, illness, injury and bereavement just to name a few. Most adults have suffered more than one. But the human heart is resilient. With time, it heals itself. And while every heartbreak leaves a scar, the scars themselves add to its beauty. What could be more beautiful than the evidence of having overcome obstacles, transcending tragedy and rising above?

Each heart is handmade at Amee Runs with Scissors. Whether you are purchasing this piece for yourself or as a gift, we encourage you to reflect a bit and select elements that speak to you. Having said that, it is important to understand that your “order” is essentially an “inspiration.” The colors, details and elements you choose will be incorporated, most certainly, but there is no way to show you “exactly” how your finished piece will look. Each one is entirely unique – a collaboration, if you will – between you, your thoughts about the strengths and challenges of the person for whom you are purchasing the piece and the hands and eyes of the artist who blends them into a piece as individual as the wearer.

To order your pendant, all of the fields with a red asterisk must be filled in. Select your choice of…

  • Predominant Color; this is not the only color that will used in your piece, but it will be strongly represented.
  • Predominant Metal Color; other metal colors may be added in certain details, but your choice of metal color will be the prevailing finish. Note that – if you choose the “Chain with Toggle Clasp” option for your Hanging Style, your choice of Predominant Metal Color will be reflected in those findings.
  • Hanging Style; 
    • If you choose “Chain with Toggle,” your pendant will come on 18” of chain. The chain finish will be aesthetically compatible with your choice of Predominant Metal Color (for instance, if you choose Gunmetal/Antique Silver for your Predominant Metal Color, the chain we include will be brass plated with a Silver Oxide finish). We work with a variety of chain-styles - please allow us to choose the one that complements your unique piece of artwork. The chain has a toggle clasp and is attached to the pendant with jump-rings that are permanently embedded in the pendant.
    • If you choose "Bail," then your heart will come with an attached finding that will allow your pendant to hang from a cord, chain or collar that you provide. (We'll send it with a piece of satin rat-tail cord with slide-knots but you can easily change it out onto whatever you want.)
  • Size; “From the Mending Pile” heart-pendants are available in either a Small or a Large size. The small size pendant is approximately 1 ¼”w x 2”t while the large size runs around 1 7/8” w x 2 ½”t.
  • Embellishments; You may select up to five Embellishments to be added to your pendant. These can be thought of as “battle scars” – marks left behind by previous events and worn with pride because we have survived, overcome, conquered or learned to cope with them. Each of the Embellishments has a variety of possible meanings. We’ve listed our take on them here (as well as some examples of what different items have signified to some of our customers) but if certain items evoke a different meaning or emotion for you, this is your piece. You can also just pick stuff because it looks cool to you. There are no right or wrong answers. Just be sure to click on one item in the drop-down box for each of the five Embellishments. If you don’t want five, choose “Nothing Else, Thank You” for that Embellishment.
    • Eye – Eyes have multiple symbolic meanings. To us they represent vigilance or even hyper-vigilance, the idea of being more careful now or “sleeping with one eye open.” (BTW – we only use glass, taxidermy-grade eyes – not plastic.)
    • Skull – A skull may signify someone who has passed on or a near-death experience. Skull are available in different colors – so, if the color is important to you, mention it in the Custom Request box below. (One of our customers asked specifically for a blue skull; she had three healthy children but – sadly – miscarried a fourth child, a son. She wanted a way to carry him with her.)
    • Crystal – Crystals evoke magic, mystery, wealth and flamboyant style. (A special request for a red Swarovski crystal went to a customer whose husband forbid her to wear anything he deemed “too flashy.” When they finally divorced, she celebrated her newfound freedom by – as she wrote – “blinging it up!”) - We have a lot of different colors and sizes to work with - if you have strong feelings here, make a note in the Custom Requests section or let us select something that enhances the design.
    • Teardrop – A teardrop can symbolize the loss of a loved one or merely a desire to never forget.
    • NailsNails can convey ideas about carpentry, carpenters, homes, construction, furniture and furniture makers. They may suggest having felt persecuted, ideas about self-harm or even just play into the idea of “another nail in the coffin.” They also just look kind of edgy.
    • Screws – Screws are often associated with having endured difficult, long-term medical procedures such as having to wear an external fixation device. They are a tongue-in-cheek way of speaking to challenges involving one’s mental or emotional health. They were requested by a customer who survived an industrial accident.  And more than one customer has asked for them as a reminder of having come through a time when things were just plain “screwed up.”
    • Safety Pins – Safety Pins conjure up a variety of images from punk rock concerts and rebellious youth in general, to babies, to the obvious association to the simple word, “safety.” Skewer at will.
    • StaplesStaples are one of those seemingly innocent items that still carry a lot of symbolic energy. Medical procedures are one end of the spectrum. The tediousness of a job or career by which one is or was no longer inspired
    • Stitches/Sutures – Stitches are the obvious, outward sign of having come through serious surgery or medical challenges, but they can also suggest having risen above events that caused the need for stitches such as an attack, abuse, or an accident. To some folks, they conjure up images of rag-dolls and old, hand-made things. And to others, it’s not the stitches that are the focus but the cut or tear underneath – the true “break” in the heart.
    • Buttons – Buttons can bring back memories of people who adored well-made clothing, sewed, mended or even just loved collecting buttons. Phrases like “he’s very buttoned up” might come to mind as does “she still had all her buttons.”
    • Corset Lacing – Corset lacing can connect with ideas about self-image, body-consciousness or sensuality. Phrases such as “she’s very tight-laced” or “he really needs to loosen up” may come in to play here.
    • Lock – Locks are for keeping things in. Or keeping things out. Some are armor. Some are cages. Tell your own lock-story.
    • Flower – Flowers are ancient symbols meaning many things to many people. If you want a particular flower (or flowers) incorporated for a particular reason (or even no reason at all), give us the specifics in the Custom Requests box, below.
    • Torn or Peeling Layers – Layers can convey concepts such as hidden depths, the shedding of an unfulfilling way of life or revealing one’s true nature. Or onions. Or ogres. Or parfaits. Parfaits have layers.
    • Custom Requests; Ask questions. Make requests. Talk to us. Maybe you want more than one of a particular embellishment. Maybe you want us to stay away from a particular color. This is your piece. No one else will have one like it. And while we’re not magicians, we are pretty clever. So, please, if there’s something specific that you want (or something you know you really don’t want!), some meaning or story you want to share with us to further inspire the creation of your pendant – please share it with us here. If you feel like you need more space to explain your vision or you want to send us a photograph, please feel free to send an email to ameerunswithscissors@comcast.net


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