Soutache & Bead Embroidery - The Captivating Lariat Necklace

At Amee Runs with Scissors, we are constantly working to develop new projects, new classes, new kits. That means, every year, some classes and/or kits get "retired" and we can make "Instructions Only" available to our customers. One of our most popular classes, the "Captivating Lariat Necklace" is now available for purchase. Our beautiful, 8-page, full-cover booklet will guide you step-by-step through this challenging, Intermediate-Level Project designed to teach a variety of skills including "Adding Soutache Around Larger Beads," "Creating Open Loops," "Adding Secondary Stacks," "Opening Negative Spaces" and more. For a complete, printable PDF file of the supplies and tools you'll need, be sure to click on the

Tools and Materials List


Project Instructions - "Captivating Lariat Necklace"

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