Shibori Silk Ribbon - Faeries in the Flowers

Our beautiful, Shibori ribbon begins as snowy-white, 5" wide, 19 momme weight, bias-cut, 100% silk satin ribbon which we then put through a variety of hand-dyeing and pleating processes. "Closed," the ribbon appears to be one color. Fan it "open" to reveal another color or a variety of colors.

Since the ribbon is cut on the bias (diagonally), the ribbon will stretch (although the unfinished edges will not unravel) and a seam will appear approximately every 50". If you order a single 18" piece and we notice a seam while we're cutting it, we'll cut it 3" longer.

Priced per 18" (1/2 yard) piece.

"Faeries in the Flowers" - Hot pink valleys. Lavender slopes. Chartreuse peaks.

Please note: this color is limited edition and may not be remade.

Shibori Silk Ribbon - Faeries in the Flowers

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