"The Cure for Mo" Soft Cuff - #1113
My dear friend, Mo is one of my "coolest" friends; she is Rocker-Chic, fiercely loyal and a genuine bad-ass. I kinda wanna be like her when I grow up. She's passionate about music but - in particular - "The Cure."  
Years ago, I worked in a similar blue/brown color-way. Back then, I think I called it "Tempest." There was a particular bracelet that Mo never forgot and - occasionally - she would ask me, "Do think you'll ever do another one in the blues and browns like you did before?" 
Some Christmas since passed, I resurrected it intending - really - just to make a bracelet for Mo. But - of course - I fell in love with it all over again... And now I can't look at these colors without thinking of her and her music.

 Features Velvet Ribbon, Shibori Silk Ribbon. Measures 7 1/4". Dual magnetic closure.

"The Cure for Mo" Soft Cuff - #1113

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