6-in-1 Looping Pliers Beading Needles - size #10 (qty. 25)
6-in-1 Looping PliersBeading Needles - size #10 (qty. 25)

This is the one pair of pliers we just can't do without. Every centered loop comes out the same size and handmade French earwires always match. The six different barrel sizes give us all the radiuses we use regularly!

I use size #10 John James beading needles for pretty much everything. They're long enough and sturdy enough to go through multiple layers of soutache but still thin enough to go through size #11 seed beads and even most size #15's!



Kumihimo Braiding Disc & Instructions
Kumihimo Braiding Disc & Instructions

Kumihimo Braids are a natural match for Soutache & Bead Embroidery! Use Soutache to make beautiful, substantial cords from which to hang pendants, end bracelets & more! Kit includes 6" Kumihimo braiding disk and instructions to make a...